Our approach is to integrate the academic and leadership curriculums so that students experience the school day as a balanced journey of personal development.


Our academic curriculum comprises two phases:
- Middle Years Phase (Currently in candidate status for the Middle Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate) - Grades 8, 9 and 10.
- Senior Phase - South African Independent Examinations Board (IEB) - Grades 11 and 12.


We devote special attention to the development of the students’ leadership competence. In particular, we aim to inculcate the pursuit of service leadership. Service leadership is the ability to guide people toward the achievement of goals that will enhance their quality of life. We recognise that the competent performance of a service leadership role requires the acquisition of specific knowledge, skills and behaviours.
The development of service leadership competence is the unifying thread that runs through the daily life of the Academy. Opportunities for the students to develop their service leadership abilities are provided for in all facets of the students’ daily experiences of the Academy – in the classroom, sports field, theatre, music room and boarding house.




We promote pedagogical practices that provide students with an education that is critical and not assimilative.
To provide an education that is critical, the students are actively involved in the learning process in such a way that what they learn becomes a part of them. In essence, the pedagogy practised is concerned with intellectual growth, and the development of leadership skills coupled with the contextual understanding of when and how to use the skills.
In keeping with the notion of critical education, the dominant pedagogy is student-centred and enquiry-based rather than instruction. In activity-based learning, the students use their intellectual capacities to make sense of  what they are learning rather than merely being physically active or “doing something.”
Our Subject Groups are:

- Languages
  English and Advanced Programme English, Afrikaans, Sesotho, Isizulu
- Mathematics
  Mathematics and Advanced Programme Mathematics
- Sciences
  Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Natural Sciences
- Individuals and Societies
  Information Technology, Business Studies, Economics, Geography, History, Accounting
- Arts
  Music, Dance, Dramatic Arts, Visual Arts
- Physical Education and Life Orientation

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