With its unique location, the peaceful campus provides a nurturing educational and residential environment. Spanning 21 hectares (52 acres), the Academy’s 28 buildings are carefully designed to maintain the architectural integrity of the surrounding community.
The students reside in modern dormitories along the Street of Living. Twenty-one state-of-the-art classrooms and six labs - including art, science, computer and design technology - are located along the Street of Learning. Each classroom has an outdoor study area as well as SMART Board™ technology.
To support learning beyond the classroom, we have provided additional cultural facilities which include the following: computer lab; 10,000 volume library; 600-seat theatre and multi-functional stage; music practice rooms; outdoor amphitheatre; sports fields, gymnasium and a well-equipped wellness centre.
Facilities Management plays an integral role by:

Providing a safe and comfortable environment to work and live in
Ensuring timely responses to the requests and needs of staff and students
Providing professional advice and quality workmanship to the Academy community
Embracing environmentally-friendly and energy-saving technologies
Promoting staff development through courses and on-the-job training

Facilities Management consists of a dedicated team of professional managers, technicians and support staff. In keeping with the Academy’s founding principles, the team goes to great length to satisfy and  exceed expectations.




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