Our Department provides a welcoming, value-based residence where students develop holistically. In all aspects, we embrace the four core Residence L.I.F.E. principles: leadership, integrity, fun and education. Students are equipped with the necessary skills to live among a diverse group of people, and are encouraged to live both harmoniously and independently. Activities in the residence are geared towards providing entertainment and relaxation, as well as personal growth and leadership. Residence mothers are caring professionals who provide guidance, emotional and moral support 24 hours a day.
Leadership, Integrity, Fun, Education
The Residential L.I.F.E. programme provides a nurturing and diverse environment, enabling students to develop their independence. Guided and  supported by residential staff, students are expected to uphold the values of  Ubuntu/Botho. Each residence provides a safe, respectful, and peaceful home for students. The girls are provided with close support to engage with practical issues such as self-esteem, body image, grief/ loss, character development, and leadership.
Students reside in one of five residences on campus which are supervised 24 hours a day by a residential staff member whom the students lovingly call “Res Moms.” Each residence is Grade level-specific, allowing students to participate in age-appropriate activities. These include social activities that encourage grade identity, bonding and sisterhood.
All residences have a council of students who work with residence staff to plan social activities, build camaraderie and resolve any issues that may arise.





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